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Move-in / Move-out Cleaning.

The most comprehensive move-in / move-out cleaning service in town.

Final cleaning

Moving out of your old apartment or house is usually a stressfult time in your life. You probably don't have long hours to spare for a thorough, deep cleaning of the rented place. On the other hand, you want to get the full deposit back from your landlord. In such situations a professional move-out cleaning help from SPIC AND SPAN. pros can be just what you need.

Start of tenancy cleaning

Did you just move in to a new apartment and it is not as clean as you'd like it to be? You find piles of dust, smudges on the windows and a shower is covered with limescale? Or maybe you just had your apartment renovated and need a deep, after builders cleaning? Order our move in cleaning package and get your new (or like new) place in shape in just a few hours.

For real estate brokers

Move-in / Move-out Cleaning package is an excellent choice for realtors aiming at maximizing the value of the property. SPIC AND SPAN. pros can make the apartment ready for the property viewing, making sure that the prospective tenants see a clean, well maintained and welcoming property, they will be excited to rent or buy.

Hear from a Spic And Span.CO-FOUNDER

Move-in / Move-out Cleaning package was designed with two main goals in mind. One of them was to give the cleaning pros the opportunity to help someone feel 'at home' much faster in their new apartment. The other goal came as a response to the needs of people who are moving out, requesting final cleaning. For this group, leaving the rented apartment in a perfect shape is usually one of the conditions to get the full deposit back. With the help of SPIC AND SPAN.PROS, they can save thousands of zlotys.


When to order Move-in / Move-out Cleaning?

  • You are moving out of a rented apartment
  • You moved in to an apartment that doesn't meet your standard of cleanliness
  • You had your home renovated
  • You are moving in to a new property and need to clean after builders
  • You are a realtor and need to present the property in the best light

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