Daily Kitchen Cleaning Checklist – Assured Hygienic Clean Environment

The sight of a cluttered kitchen, piles of uncleaned plates, pots, and other utensils, can be a major setback. The sticky sensation of grease, germs, and spill can certainly make you break down completely from the exhaustion of the chores waiting ahead of you. This is the biggest cause of the homemakers dreading kitchen cleaning. Usually, cooking can be managed by the homemakers but when it comes to cleaning, they prefer staying away. The daily kitchen cleaning checklist can come as handy support for the homemakers to take the plunge of cleaning kitchen on a daily basis. Kitchen cleaning is also important for maintaining a hygienic environment where the daily nourishment for the family is prepared. Let’s learn the daily kitchen cleaning checklist inclusion to apply it in your own kitchen.

Daily Kitchen Cleaning Checklist – Cover All Kinds of Food in Your Kitchen

The first and foremost thing is to cover all the food items lying on your kitchen shelves prior to kitchen cleaning. Whether the fruits in a bowl or the cooked food in a glass container, nothing should remain uncovered. Germs can contaminate the food very easily if it comes in contact with the same. Although, high temperatures prevent them from surviving. Make it a habit to discard the leftover food and use airtight containers to store the food.

Empty the Kitchen Bins – Include in Daily Kitchen Cleaning Checklist to Avoid Stink

dirty wastes
Waste emits a foul smell.

The kitchen bins are the most infected parts of the kitchen. The discarded food, vegetable, and fruit peels start decomposing in the bin and stink badly. Cleaning the bin on a daily basis is vital to ensure an odor-free environment in the kitchen. Following the daily kitchen cleaning checklist can ensure a healthy environment in your kitchen.

Clean the Kitchen Counter Twice in the Entire Day

kitchen counter
Clean the kitchen counters daily.

There are a number of tasks performed on the kitchen countertop. It becomes a space of high concentrated germs and bacteria. The strains of such germs can get into the cutlery, crockery,  kitchen napkins, chopping boards and even in the raw meat and veggies. Following the habit of cleaning and wiping the kitchen countertop every day in the afternoon and at night with an antibacterial cleaner and a soft microfiber cloth can remove any risk of germs blossoming on the counter surface.

Kitchen Sink and Tap Cleaning – A Must in the Daily Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

A kitchen sink is a place which is the aptest space for germ thriving. It is because the tap and the sink always remain wet. The kitchen utensils and plates with leftover remaining on the surface are dumped in the sink. Such food remnants decay and give rise to the bacteria. The surrounding of the sink, the tap, and the sink itself must be cleaned on a daily basis with a strong sterilizing cleaner. It can help in preventing the growth of bacteria completely. After cleaning and wiping the sink, it must be left to air dry.

Stove Top Cleaning – Daily Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

clean stovetop
Stovetop cleaning needs special attention.

The daily kitchen cleaning checklist must include cleaning the stove top where the food may spill while cooking. The layers of oil and grime can be formed on your stove top, if not cleaned on a regular basis. You may also check how to retain the luster of a glass stove top article on our German site in order to get some ideas on the best possible ways to keep your stove top clean.

Vacuuming and Mopping the Kitchen Floor

The floor is the place where the major part of spills occurs. It might be possible that while pouring milk or juice, it spills on the floor. Similarly, food may also spill on the floor, causing stains and grime. The floor must be cleaned immediately before the ants and flies are attracted to it. The food spill may also worsen and grow into fungus and bacteria. The floor must be vacuumed regularly and an antibacterial cleaning solution must be used to mop the floor and let it air dry to eradicate the fungal entry and risk of germs.


The daily kitchen cleaning checklist can help you in keeping the kitchen clean, healthy, and odor-free. So, try out the above tips and ensure a sparkling clean kitchen always.


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