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Office Cleaning.

Experienced English & Polish speaking cleaners for your office or your next event.

Office cleaning services

Office cleaning service from SPIC AND SPAN. can help you in maintaining a clean and productive office. A customized maintentence cleaning service offer is designed by you in cooperation with our internal consultants. With SPIC AND SPAN. office cleaning offer you get a dedicated account manager responsible for making sure that every cleaning goes according to the plan and all possible updates and changes in the schedule are resolved promptly.

Cleaning at your event

SPIC AND SPAN. event cleaning service is a perfect choice if you need experienced cleaning professionals to help you before, after, or during your event. SPIC AND SPAN. cleaners have previously helped in cleaning night clubs before weekend parties, maintained cleaninlines at event spaces during major trade shows, and cleaned up pop-up stores located on the most prestigious shopping streets.

English & Polish Speakers

Good communication with your business partners is crucial to a successful cooperation. Poland is becoming a popular destination for expats and it is increasingly common for employees, and business owners alike not to speak the local language - Polish. At SPIC AND SPAN. you have a flexibility to request English or Polish speaking cleaning professionals at no extra cost. Contact our English & Polish speaking customer support for more details and other language options.

Hear from a Spic And Span.CO-FOUNDER

Office Cleaning is our cleaning service offer for business customers. Office Cleaning is a highly customizable service available both on one-off and scheduled basis. SPIC AND SPAN. cleaning professionals are ready to perform tasks ranging from a maintenence cleaning of offices, pre-event cleanings of music event venues and art galleries, to an after-event cleanup for one-off events. Contact us directly to get a free quotation and an individualized offer.


When to order Office Cleaning?

  • You need a maintenence cleaning for your office
  • You need a one-off cleaning for your office
  • You need help in cleaning up the venue before an event
  • You need cleaning assistance during an event
  • You want a dedicated account manager for a streamlined communication
  • You want a flexibility in choosing between English & Polish speaking cleaners

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