Office Cleaning Checklist for a Pleasant Working Space in Warsaw

The office cleaning in Warsaw is usually assigned to a third party. You can make the office environment more productive and focus on more important work than cleaning by hiring professional cleaners. But, office cleaning mostly depends on the number of people working there. More employees mean frequent cleaning and lesser employees requires normal cleaning a day.

The professional cleaners can customize the office cleaning routine as per your requirement and budget. Here is a comprehensive office cleaning checklist for you to decide which are the areas that need your daily, weekly, and monthly attention. You may hire cleaners as per the need, the employees, the visitors, and the budget of your office.

The daily comprehensive office cleaning checklist should include:

Waste Bin Cleaning

Changing the liners and disinfecting the waste bins are one of the most vital needs of any office. If you do not clean the bins on a regular basis, it releases foul smells and also harmful to the environment. So, make it a habit to clean the waste bins regularly if you are in charge of the office cleaning routine.

Dusting the Furniture

natural light in office
Working in an office space needs natural light.

Cleaning and dusting the furniture is an important part of the regular office cleaning routine. The office desks are the major dust attraction area. Layers of dust accumulate on the desk which requires regular dusting and wiping.

Vacuuming and Mopping Floors

The comprehensive office cleaning checklist includes vacuuming and mopping the floors. There are a number of visitors and employees walking in and out throughout the day in the office. It brings a lot of dust and grime along with it. Vacuuming the floors on a daily basis and mopping it with a disinfectant cleaner is a definite addition to any comprehensive office cleaning checklist.

Wiping the Glass Objects

Clean monitors in office is a must.

Comprehensive Office Cleaning Checklist must have cleaning of glass surfaces on the daily schedule. It helps in keeping the accumulated dust away from the glass surfaces. Tabletops and cabin glasses must be cleaned daily and the window panes and other glasses can be cleaned on a weekly basis.

Cleaning of the Switches and Handles

Cleaning and wiping the doorknobs, switches, handles and door frames on a regularly can keep the dust and grime away.

Wiping the Telephone, Keyboard, Monitor, and Periphery

The computer monitors, keyboard, telephone, etc, are the major dust attraction elements. It must be wiped regularly to avoid germs and infection. You may also check some of the useful tips for cleaning to ensure a productive office in our German SPIC AND SPAN. website.

Wash Basins, Toilets, and Urinals

It is one of the most important parts of the comprehensive office cleaning checklist. When every employee and visitors use the same toilet, it is bound to get dirty and stinky. Clean and sanitize the toilet regularly to keep the office germ-free. Let a healthy environment prevail in the office.

Cleaning Refrigerator and Other Kitchen Appliances

The office refrigerators are mostly used to keep food or juices and cold beverages. Other appliances like the microwave oven or toaster are also used occasionally by the employees. The coffee machine must be stain free and cleaned on a regular basis. Cleaning such appliances are recommended on a weekly basis. If there are spills or food stinks, then it can be cleaned accordingly.

Spot Cleaning Walls and Painted Surfaces

working space
Coffee and work is a great combination.

This can be included in the weekly or bi-weekly comprehensive office cleaning checklist for any modern office in Warsaw. Remove the cobwebs from the walls and clean the vents or the painted surfaces on a bi-weekly basis.

Vacuuming Chairs and Upholstery

Dirty upholstery can make the work environment unproductive. The chair fabric and the upholstery must be vacuum cleaned biweekly or monthly in order to maintain cleanliness in office.


Keeping dust and stink free office can make a workspace healthier and happier. Include the above points in a comprehensive office cleaning checklist to ensure a sparkling clean office. It can definitely help to create a great impression for the visitors and also help your employees to work in a productive atmosphere.


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