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"I am absolutely satisfied with the cleaning services of SPIC AND SPAN. Home & Office Cleaning. As promised, all of the cleaned areas are spotlessly clean and I am positively surprised with the attention to detail. I particularly enjoy the feeling of coming to the clean kitchen. "

Laura C.


"I manage a large portfolio of serviced apartments in a few cities across Europe. Occasionally, we have a sudden spike in checkouts, and need to handle 50+ apartments being vacated on a single single day. Our full-time cleaning staff is simply not able to handle that volume of move-outs at once. During such busy periods SPIC AND SPAN. Home & Office Cleaning reliably comes to rescue us. We are able to schedule a cleaning service for multiple properties with them, and even arrange the key handovers. No hassle, proper invoices after the cleaning, and a guarantee that our apartments will be clean when the new guests check in. "

Teresa R.


"SPIC AND SPAN. Home & Office Cleaning did a great job cleaning my apartment last weekend. Everything was incredibly clean, the guys didn’t need any supervision and knew exactly what to do. Customer service was great as well, they got back to us with all the questions within a couple of minutes. "

Yulia R.


"I ordered the deep cleaning package and could not be happier! The cleaner was friendly, helped me with some advice for the future. The apartment was in a desolate condition with many old grease stains. Another cleaning company refused this kind of cleaning. It's not just clean now, the window frames and door frames that couldn't be cleaned, now look like new. My apartment is filled with old furniture and objects, the cleaner was patient and careful to not break anything. Will recommend SPIC AND SPAN. Home & Office cleaning to all my friends. "

Alexandrine G.


"Cleaner arrived on time, even a little earlier. The cleaning was done well, I wouldn't have cleaned myself like this. The bathroom is shiny again which I could not wipe myself no matter how hard I tried. She washed everything in the room behind the sofa, helped me take the trash from the balcony to the container and wiped everything in the kitchen. I'm happy with the work. It was my first experience with the company. I will definitely use your services again. "

Klaus S.


"SPIC AND SPAN. made me into a believer when it comes to cleaning services! Prior to taking the leap with them, I have always avoided using such services due to fear of poorly verified cleaners and generally feeling uncomfortable about having someone clean up after me. Fortunately, SPIC AND SPAN. didn’t fail at providing a friendly and experienced cleaner that left me surprisingly at ease. "

Sabine D.


The most convenient way to book a cleaning service in Lodz.

Instanly book a home cleaning service in Lodz. We will match you with a background-checked, English-speaking cleaning person. By booking with us, you have a 100% satisfaction guarantee - if you don't like the results of the cleaning service, you can get your money back.

Available in Lodz & suburbs

  • Srodmiescie
  • Centrum
  • Fabryczna
  • Radiostacja
  • Widzew
  • Fabryczna Widzew
  • Ksiezy Mlyn
  • Niciarniana
  • Stary Widzew
  • Zarzew
  • Widzew Wschod
  • Mileszki
  • Stoki
  • Sikawa
  • Stare Moskule
  • Nowosolna
  • Andrzejow
  • Olechow
  • Feliksin
  • Gorna
  • Gorniak
  • Dabrowa
  • Chojny
  • Kurak
  • Nowe Rokicie
  • Rokicie
  • Chocianowice
  • Laskowice
  • Stare Chojny
  • Wiskitno
  • Ruda Pabianicka
  • Polesie
  • Lublinek
  • Nowe Sady
  • Politechniczna
  • Karolew
  • Konstantynow Lodzki
  • Retkinia
  • Smulsko
  • Brus
  • Zdrowie
  • Stare Polesie
  • Koziny
  • Zlotno
  • Baluty
  • Stare Miasto
  • Stare Baluty
  • Zubardź
  • Zabieniec
  • Teofilow Przemyslowy
  • Teofilow
  • Romanow
  • Kochanowka
  • Radogoszcz
  • Julianow
  • Lagiewniki
  • Wzniesienia Lodzkie
  • Rogi
  • Marysin
  • Marysin Doly
  • Helenow
  • Doly

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Home & office cleaning services in Lodz

The most convenient way to book a verified cleaning lady or male cleaner in Lodz. No matter whether you're looking for a home cleaner, or an office cleaning service, we are there for you!

Booking a cleaning service in Lodz is easy. It takes just a couple of minutes. You only need to fill out our easy booking form, and we'll match you with a background-checked, legally-registered cleaning person.

Private customers can choose between a basic home cleaning, and a deep cleaning service. A basic cleaning service can be scheduled on a regular basis to help you maintain a clean home throughout the year. In Lodz, the regular cleaning service costs only €11.90.

We also offer solutions to business customers. From office cleaning, through professional practices and store cleaning services, through trade show exhibits, we can match you with a cleaning team that will meet your needs.

Thousands of happy customers

What our customers say about our service?

"Great experience. Booked already 4 times with Spic And Span and was never disappointed. My cleaner, Dan, is very fast and friendly. Pays attention to detail. He also executes my special cleaning wishes without any additional fee. Highly recommended!"

Priyanka Gaur

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"Everything perfect.Nice cleaning service, available on short notice. Service desk is pretty good and especially English speaking."

Vignesh A.

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"One of the great cleaning services I've ever encountered, need to mention also very friendly customer support team. They were great!!!"

Manucher Samiev

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"Yes, I can recommend Spic and Span. The lady who can was very thourough and friendly too."

Howard Abbott

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"God-sent service! I always keep getting surprised by the level of professionalism, flexibility and responsiveness of the customer service agents and the cleaning agent every time I opt for this service. Spic and Span is certainly making this world a cleaner and a better place to live in! I hope you guys are thinking about expanding globally! We need you everywhere. Keep rocking! I would recommend this to everyone!"

Aravinth Nagarajan

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"Very good service. We use them every week to clean up our apartment and we are very happy with the results. They are very professional and fast."

Jerneja V.

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"These guys rescued us with a last minute service, while most large cleaning companies were unable to help. The cleaner boys were friendly and helpful."

Shyam B

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"Spic & Span has done a great job with my flat. I got an allergy deep cleaning and was amazed at the results. They are a bit on the expensive side for a regular cleaning, but I will definitely use them again any time I need a really thorough scrub!"

Kathleen Danielson

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"Great service, excellent customer service - thank you so much and we will book your service again"

Rebekka Remus

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Cleaning services for homes & offices

You can book a regular cleaning service starting at only €11.90/h. This low price is reserved only for customers ordering cleanings on a regular schedule. How can you benefit from lower prices? Simply select in the booking form how often you want your home cleaning service: once per week, two, three, or four weeks. We can even arrange cleaning multiple times per week if this is what you need. There's no need to sign any long-term contracts or pre-pay for a number of appointments. To cancel your cleaning plan, pause it for a few weeks, or skip some dates, you just need to send us a simple email 48 hours before the next cleaning appointment. If you need the cleaning service "just once", or prefer more flexibility, choose one of the "one-time" cleaning services.

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