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"I am absolutely satisfied with the cleaning services of SPIC AND SPAN. Home & Office Cleaning. As promised, all of the cleaned areas are spotlessly clean and I am positively surprised with the attention to detail. I particularly enjoy the feeling of coming to the clean kitchen. "

Laura C.


"SPIC AND SPAN. Home & Office Cleaning did a great job cleaning my apartment last weekend. Everything was incredibly clean, the guys didn’t need any supervision and knew exactly what to do. Customer service was great as well, they got back to us with all the questions within a couple of minutes. "

Yulia R.


"We use SPIC AND SPAN. Home & Office Cleaning when the cleaning just gets a bit out of hand. Padmond is a real pro and a pleasant person in every way! The apartment was not deep cleaned for 3 months, and after Padmond's work, everything shines. Thank you so much! Everything is clear: the floor is clean and has a smell of some natural solvents, the shower and bath sparkle! There is no trace of fat in the kitchen. We are very satisfied. "

Daniel J.


"We turned to SPIC AND SPAN after the renovation of the apartment. I did not even expect that our apartment would be so clean and fresh. Made such a difference compared to my every day clean. Thank you for your huge and hard work! All was done quickly and carefully with an understanding of the needs and desires of customers. We have now decided to use SPIC AND SPAN. Home & Office Cleaning for our regular cleaning. Awesome service and will definitely recommend to friends. "

Katrien S.


"I want to thank your team for their excellent work. Everything is very clear and well-coordinated from ordering to cleaning and for me this hyper is important. The cleaner did a great job. She arrived on time which is crucial for me (had some bad experiences in the past). I did not see any stain lefts, thing harder to believe as I have 2 dogs. Definitely recommend SPIC AND SPAN. "

Rose W.


"Hiring a cleaning lady has been one of the things on my “to-do” list for a long time. I am not a fan of cleaning myself, but nevertheless spent hours every weekend doing the chores. A few months ago a colleague told me about SPIC AND SPAN. Home & Office Cleaning. I booked a one-time cleaning service for 3 hours, let the cleaner in, and went shopping. When I came back home I felt like walking in to a freshly cleaned hotel room. Loved it! Will definitely book again. "

Wojtek B.


The most convenient way to book a cleaning service in Wroclaw.

Instantly book a home cleaning service in Wroclaw. We will match you with a background-checked, English-speaking cleaning person. By booking with us, you have a 100% satisfaction guarantee - if you don't like the results of the cleaning service, you can get your money back.

Available in Wroclaw & suburbs

  • Gajowice
  • Gadow-Popowice Poludniowe
  • Grabiszyn-Grabiszynek
  • Jerzmanowo-Jarnoltow-Strachowice-Osiniec
  • Kuźniki
  • Lesnica
  • Maslice
  • Muchobor Maly
  • Muchobor Wielki
  • Nowy Dwor
  • Oporow
  • Pilczyce-Kozanow-Popowice Polnocne
  • Pracze Odrzanskie
  • Żerniki
  • Bienkowice
  • Borek
  • Brochow
  • Gaj
  • Huby
  • Jagodno
  • Klecina
  • Krzyki-Partynice
  • Ksieze
  • Oltaszyn
  • Powstancow Slaskich
  • Przedmiescie Olawskie
  • Tarnogaj
  • Wojszyce
  • Karlowice-Rozanka
  • Kleczkow
  • Kowale
  • Lipa Piotrowska
  • Osobowice-Redzin
  • Pawlowice
  • Polanowice-Poswietne-Ligota
  • Psie Pole-Zawidawie
  • Soltysowice
  • Swojczyce-Strachocin-Wojnow
  • Swiniary
  • Widawa
  • Przedmiescie Swidnickie
  • Stare Miasto
  • Szczepin
  • Biskupin-Sepolno-Dabie-Bartoszowice
  • Nadodrze
  • Olbin
  • Plac Grunwaldzki
  • Zacisze-Zalesie-Szczytniki

Book a home cleaning in Wroclaw

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Home & office cleaning services in Wroclaw

The most convenient way to book a verified cleaning lady or male cleaner in Wroclaw. No matter whether you're looking for a home cleaner, or an office cleaning service, we are there for you!

Booking a cleaning service in Wroclaw is easy. It takes just a couple of minutes. You only need to fill out our easy booking form, and we'll match you with a background-checked, legally-registered cleaning person.

Private customers can choose between a basic home cleaning, and a deep cleaning service. A basic cleaning service can be scheduled on a regular basis to help you maintain a clean home throughout the year. In Wroclaw, the regular cleaning service costs only €11.90.

We also offer solutions to business customers. From office cleaning, through professional practices and store cleaning services, through trade show exhibits, we can match you with a cleaning team that will meet your needs.

Thousands of happy customers

What our customers say about our service?

"I had 5 apartments to clean in 1 day until the afternoon - booking was easy - and yes it was expensive because I took the last minute option (usual cleaning has a good price) but the women were excellent efficient and top of the game! In a similar situation I wood book it again. Communication is easy - so is payment. Thanks! Excellent service!"

Nicola Aleff

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"Super! Customer care service is wonderful."

Shams Quamar

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"These guys rescued us with a last minute service, while most large cleaning companies were unable to help. The cleaner boys were friendly and helpful."

Shyam B

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"I scheduled a move out/move in cleaning on short notice and they were extremely helpful in providing me information about the services and also very quick to respond to questions. The flat was in pretty dirty conditions and I was happy with the result after the cleaning."

Samantha P.

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"Terrific service!"

Douglas C Lewis

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"Very good basic cleaning service at a good price. Used them for a year, so we had a few different cleaners from this service come to our apartment. All were friendly and hard working. Our small 2 bedroom took 2 hours to clean. We always tipped our cleaner after he/she finished as it seemed well-deserved and appreciated."

Robin S.

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"I used their services in Paris twice over a period of 6 weeks. The staff replied to my enquiries very promptly and the cleaners are very thorough with their work. The price is also pretty affordable."

Madelene Poon

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"Efficient, nice and available on short notice. Would absolutely recommend them!"

Julia Hartmann

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"Great service! Very cooperative and friendly staffs! Highly recommended!"

Muluken Elias

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Cleaning services for homes & offices

You can book a regular cleaning service starting at only €11.90/h. This low price is reserved only for customers ordering cleanings on a regular schedule. How can you benefit from lower prices? Simply select in the booking form how often you want your home cleaning service: once per week, two, three, or four weeks. We can even arrange cleaning multiple times per week if this is what you need. There's no need to sign any long-term contracts or pre-pay for a number of appointments. To cancel your cleaning plan, pause it for a few weeks, or skip some dates, you just need to send us a simple email 48 hours before the next cleaning appointment. If you need the cleaning service "just once", or prefer more flexibility, choose one of the "one-time" cleaning services.

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