The Ultimate Resource List For Expats Living In Poland

Searching for useful information and entertainment as an expat can be quite a daunting and confusing task. It can overwhelm you, especially when you look at guides talking about the same thing but in a slightly different way. We thought that an organized list of best resources we found across a couple of years of being expats would benefit someone so here it is this article. You can find useful links across several categories such as blogs, news, forums, and rental search. The forums are especially helpful if you want to get a deeper understanding of local culture and legal aspects, you will be amazed how smart people are on forums, excluding occasional trolls. You can save this list in your bookmarks and come back as needed, please feel free to comment down below with any other resources we have missed.


Those blogs are compiled with treasures of information on topics like how to do your taxes, get visas and work permits to topics on how to find local flea markets, clubs and interesting events. Those blogs can be useful no matter your professional and social background; they can be useful for students, workers, and entrepreneurs.

Communities and Forums

As stated in the introductory paragraph, one of the best places to go and ask questions are forums and Facebook groups. Not only you can get good answers, but also you can network and make lifelong friends. In addition, you can observe what people are talking about, what are the current trending events and maybe learn some local language.

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are filled with people that are in same situation as you or were in the past. It is more likely that you will get a response faster than on forums that are slowly dying. Those groups are also a great way to network and even find new friends to hang out with.

Rental Search

Finding “good rent” with reasonable prices and a good location can be quite difficult, especially when you are not local. Most property owners will try to rip you off, at least that happened in my case. The best solution is to first get an idea on what are the prices and then start contacting either landlords or agencies. In the list down below there are some rental search websites in and it will take some time until you find English-speakers, the reason why we included those is the poor offer for expats. There is no right or wrong in finding good rentals, it is more of trial and error process, make sure that you have enough time to weigh the decision, maybe stay at a friend or a hotel as you look for rent.


The best way to be up to date on local events and politics is through news websites or newspapers. Besides getting across click-bait articles, you can get information on topics like business, politics, local events, sports, and many others. On some of them, you will get to see articles on the international level, but from polish journalists’ perspective, which can be quite interesting readings oftentimes.

YouTube Channels

Watching videos is a great way to get a real feel of a country and consume information in a relaxed way, maybe while having a snack right in your bed. Below we listed couple of channels that cover different topics related to living in Poland and its peculiarities.


I advise you that you do not stop your journey on learning more about local culture in Poland by sitting on a laptop and talking to people online, but get yourself out there and try to make connections with expats and locals. Maybe even give a second thought of engaging in local clubs depending on hobbies and interests you have. The list will be updated as often as possible, if you have any useful resources or ideas for categories that you would like to see, leave a comment down below.

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