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Last Minute Cleaning.

Experienced cleaners available even for the same or next day cleaning service.

After party cleaning

Sometimes parties go better than expected, which means no one predicted how much after party cleanup will be necessary. Experienced SPIC AND SPAN. cleaners can help you bring order and impeccable cleanliness to your place withing hours and even after the wildest parties. No matter where the party took place - at home, at your office, even venue or rented Airbnb apartment. SPIC AND SPAN. pros got you covered in any circumstances.

Same day cleaning

Reliable same day cleaning service is usually hard to come by. Most of the cleaning companies in Poland require you too book the cleaning appointment days in advance. Luckily, with SPIC AND SPAN. same day cleaning service you can get your place sparklink clean within hours from ordering. Our customer service is available to assist you 24/7 to assist you, just like a concierge in a 5-star hotel.

Ad hoc clean-up

Ad hoc clean up service from SPIC AND SPAN. pros is that extra helping hand you need when something unexpected happens. Experienced SPIC AND SPAN. cleaners can help you in any stressful situation requiring a realiable cleaning service. Ad hoc cleaning service can be arranged at any time of the day (24 hour service), any day of the week (Monday-Sunday) and is available to both individual and business customers.

Hear from a Spic And Span.CO-FOUNDER

Last Minute Cleaning offer was introduced to help clients who need to get their home, office or event venue cleaned even within hours from ordering. We know that sometimes you just cannot wait a couple of days for your appointment - your cleaning lady (or lad) called in sick just before your in-laws' visit, or some stray soccer ball broke your window. Ad hoc cleaning service can save you a lot of stress in such stressful moments.


When to order Last Minute Cleaning?

  • You need a same day cleaning service
  • You cannot wait days for your cleaning appointment
  • You have to leave your rented apartment within a few hours, and don't have time to clean
  • You need an extra helping hand in your ad hoc cleaning
  • Your regular cleaner called-in sick and you need to find a back-up cleaning help
  • You need a reliable after party cleaning service

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