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Prime Cleaning.

Professional, first-time cleaning service for your house or apartment.

Professional deep cleaning

Prime Cleaning is a professional, deep cleaning service. SPIC AND SPAN. experienced cleaners will bring the charm to your apartment in just a few hours. Deep house cleaning is a great choice if your place did not have a regular cleaning service so far. In addition to a standard cleaning service, SPIC AND SPAN. domestic cleaners will concentrate on the areas you may have forgotten over time.

Residential cleaning offer

Before ordering residential cleaning services for the first time many people are concerned with letting a stranger which they have never seen before to their house. That is why SPIC AND SPAN. cleaners are background checked before they start working with us. We work exclusively with the best cleaners in Poland and perform quality assurance checks after each cleaning, making sure that the quality of the cleaning services is always outstanding.

One-off cleaning service

Some people prefer to clean their homes regularly on their own, but at times they need an occasional cleaning service for their house or apartment. Our Prime Cleaning service is a great choice for such customers. Choosing Prime Cleaning, you are fully in charge of when you order the professional cleaning service, without a need to sign a long-term contract.

Hear from a Spic And Span.CO-FOUNDER

Prime Cleaning is our best-selling cleaning offer. It is a deep cleaning of your apartment or house. Great choice if you are looking for a one-time cleaning service without the need to book multiple cleaning appointments up front. For many customers, a first-time thorough cleaning with Prime Cleaning is also a way to test our service before starting a regular cleaning plan with SPIC AND SPAN.


When to order Prime Cleaning?

  • You are ordering a professional cleaning service for the first time
  • You want to try SPIC AND SPAN. services before ordering a regular cleaning plan
  • You want to book a one-off cleaning service
  • You need an occasional cleaning help for your house or apartment
  • You need a deep cleaning service before signing up for a regular cleaning plan

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