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Regular Cleaning.

Affordable cleaning plan to keep your house or apartment clean 365 days a year.

No long-term commitment

Regular Cleaning offer gives you the advantage of a scheduled cleaning plan with a dedicated, professional cleaning lady or lad, without the need to pre-commit to a specified number of cleaning appointments. You can name a desired frequency of cleanings (e.g. daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly) or simply order Regular Cleaning within no more than 30 days from your last order. You can pause or cancel your plan at any time at no extra cost.

Clean home every day

With a busy work, school or family life it is sometimes very hard to fit regular cleaning into your schedule. With SPIC AND SPAN. routine cleaning plan, you can enjoy a clean home every day even during the busiest times in your life. Our cleaning experts will assist you in crafting a perfect cleaning plan for your house or apartment. As a result, you will get that free evening once per week you dreamed of for a long time or a couple of extra hours of sleep on the weekends.

High quality at low prices

SPIC AND SPAN. Regular Cleaning plan is a perfect offer for those, who want to maintain high standards of cleanliness at their homes without paying a fortune. As a special offer to our loyal customers, our routine cleaning plan is offered at lowest possible rates, starting at PLN 27.5/hour per cleaning person, without any hidden costs. Fill out our interactive online form or give us a call at +48 660 432 757 to get a free quotation for your regular cleaning plan.

Hear from a Spic And Span.CO-FOUNDER

Regular Cleaning offer is a cleaning plan designed to combine 3 core elements of a cleaning offer available to everyone: high quality cleaning service, affordable pricing and a great deal of flexibility for the customer. I believe that we are able to achieve just that, creating a valued offer for the customers in Poland. With SPIC AND SPAN. Regular Cleaning offer you get a customized cleaning plan with a dedicated cleaning person, without the need to commit to a long-term, 'impossible-to-cancel' contract.


When to order Regular Cleaning?

  • You need a dedicated cleaning person
  • You want to keep your house or apartment clean every day
  • You want to get a high quality cleaning service at affordable prices
  • You need a cleaning service at least every 30 days

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